Happy Mothers Day!

Disclaimer- As I write this post, I am on a flight from Orlando to home Michigan with Musa in my lap (while Mikaal is on his dad’s lap). So please excuse any grammatical errors on this post!

So first of and most importantly HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you moms out there! I never realized how big of a super hero ALL moms are till I became one to my twin boys 6 months ago! I truly now appreciate my own mom more than I ever did.

Secondly welcome to my page! I bought this site a little while ago and been writing some posts as you can see. I have been wanting to share my journey of with twins! I am starting a photography business (check out my gallery, currently filled with my travel pictures and of my boys hopefully will feature your pictures as well. Contact me for your photography needs, reasonable prices). I have been afraid to share this blog for multiple of reasons. First of trying to make my site presentable, making time to write down my jumbled thoughts in a coherent manner. Also afraid to share my story as to what people will think of say. Well today is Mothers Day and I am a strong mom who gave birth to twin boys raising them so I can do this! I can face my fears and make our journey public to share some funny excerpts of our life or the lessons we have learned through trial and error (thats what this journey of MOTHERHOOD is all about I feel)

For my first Mothers Day my husband planned this elaborate vacation for us. Hubby and I have always enjoyed traveling and continued it post having babies. We are hoping to pass it on our love for traveling and exploring to our boys! This trip initially was suppose to be a weekend get away to Boston with family. Mustafa extended this weekend get away to a full 10 day trip. We started in Boston then Atlanta and ended at Disney as a Mothers Day gift! Pretty sweet for a first Mothers Day! Mustafa tells me next year I am getting a home made card. I am ok with that as long as I have my boys with me and they are happy!

So today on Mothers Day I had a fabulous Mothers Day brunch at the Garden Grove at the Swan hotel at Disney with my boys, Goofy and Chip and Dale! Now I am headed home back to reality where piles of dirty laundry awaits me, unpacking, pumping, feeding schedule and meal prepping!

Here are some pictures of my first mothers day! A super yummy brunch me with no make up no hair in my pjs and my boys fed clean and happy! This is MOTHERHOOD and I wouldnt trade it for anything 99.9 percent of the time!

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