Meal Prepping!

When the M&M twins first started eating solids I was set to prepare each meal they ate at home myself. No store-bought baby pouches or jars for my babies! Since they turned four months every Sunday and Friday I meal prep for them. So far their favorites have been oatmeal and fruits (apple, pear, and bananas). I have been prepping their meals with the Baby Beaba food making machine. It is absolutely amazing! In 15 minutes I have the food chopped, steamed and blended into a puree. The babies love it!

All has been going well with meal prepping for them at home and the babies finally enjoying eating! With our trip coming up I was at a loss what to do. I could not take the Beaba machine with me. Flying all over the east coast with that machine was not practical at all! I had to come up with a solution fast! Dear hubby said we can buy food jars from Whole Foods. It is organic and healthy he said & I had initially agreed to it. However, I was hesitant as my babies never have eaten food from a jar and I was not sure if they will like.

I kept thinking to myself pouches would be the way to go for our trip. The question was how do I make homemade pouches! This is where Instagram came to the rescue! I saw an advertisement on Instagram for the Infantino Squeeze Station. The Instagram advertisement showed this video of this mom smashing fruits and veggies and making homemade pouches. I saw it and was like this is the answer to my prayers. Then I was like this is too good to be true. So I went on Amazon to look it up saw it was available there and I made my purchase the Infantino Squeeze Station along with 50 pouches.

Thanks to Amazon Prime! Two days later my Infantino Squeeze Station was delivered two weeks before the trip. I decided to experiment to see if it really works. OMG! Best buy ever! It is absolutely amazing! It makes perfect pouches that don’t leak, and they refrigerate and freeze really well! I first prepped the food via Baby Beaba then I made pouches by using the Infantino Squeeze Station. It was a successful experiment!

The weekend before our trip is when I decided to meal prep for our vacation.I planned to make their favorites for the trip: apples, bananas, and pears. The babies were sleeping it was the perfect time to make these pouches! Below is a picture showing the chopped apples, my lunch (I was starving, had not eaten all day) and of course my favorite accessory: my Spectra pump (it was pumping time as well). This is how I always meal prep for the twins!

Chopping away apples for the twins while I eat my lunch and pump at the same time.

I decided to chop and steam the pears first. While the pears were steaming I chopped the apples and then the bananas. I worked one fruit at a time to keep it less messy and organized. Finally, it was time to make the pouches! Out came the Infantino Squeeze Station. As you see in the picture below it allows you to make three pouches at a time. So I set it all up (takes about 5 minutes or less), within seconds my pouches are filled and ready to be sealed, labeled and frozen!

Infantino Squeeze Station

It took me about an hour and a half to make 30 pouches! I kept 20 for the trip and saved 10 in the freezer for later use. It could have taken me less time but I kept pausing to eat and pump in between as well. Thanks to the Baby Beaba and the Infantino squeeze station I am so far been successful in making the twin’s homemade food that they love eating!’

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