Solo Exploring!

Recently we spent a few days in Atlanta with the hubby. He has a project in Atlanta these days and planned a week for us to join him. When I first heard that we are going to Atlanta the first thing I had on my list to see was “The World of Coca Cola”! I checked their operation timing and found that they close at 5 pm and hubby works till 6 pm at his client site. That really bummed me out, as it meant I would have to go alone with twins which I was scared to do. I had never been sightseeing alone with them. I had decided to cancel our visit to The World of Coca Cola and save it for another trip.  Hubby saw me upset about and pushed me by encouraging me and saying that I was an independent mom and got me psyched to go!

I decided to leave the hotel for the World of Coca Cola during the twin’s nap time. This way they would nap during the taxi ride and wake up when we got there. I get the twins in the stroller and go down hail a taxi twins start their nap. All going well! I am super excited and nervous. I had never really done outside my local city in Michigan with the twins so this is our first solo outing in a different state and city. Let me tell you going around with that double stroller is not easy, I always feel like I am pushing an eight-wheeler truck!

I get to the World of Coca Cola, get off the taxi get the twins in their stroller. Musa decides to wake up but Mikaal continued sleeping! I walk with this stroller towards our destination getting more nervous than excited. Since Musa was awake I had him in my Bjorn baby carrier and kept the still sleeping Mikaal in the stroller.

We bought our tickets and enter the World of Coca Cola! The first thing you get to do when you enter gets a nice cold can of Coca Cola! Which is super refreshing on a hot summer day in Atlanta! I get my beverage and stand to wait for my tour to begin. Everyone around me came with families and friends and here I was alone with my twin boys (one asleep and one wide awake). I was nervous, sad, and scared thinking that this was going to be tough to manage. But let me tell you, going by myself with the twins was a very exhilarating experience and lots of fun, due to the wonderful staff at The World of Coca Cola! They saw me alone with my twins without any help but at every exhibit line, they helped me get in front of the line and enter first so I would not struggle with my stroller and twins. They opened every door I needed to go through and were always there to help with a smile! The people who worked at the World of Coca Cola really made our day and make it fun and easy for us to walk through and sightsee!

The only down part was that Miklaal slept through the entire experience at the World of Coca Cola! As you see in the pictures below. I decided one twin sleeping one awake we still need to get our pictures game on! Eventually, Mikaal did wake up and we went back to take some more pictures with both twins awake!

I would highly recommend going to the World of Coca Cola if you are visiting Atlanta! The people who work there super friendly! A great place to visit and see the history of Coca Cola! I had a lot of fun there and the twins enjoyed it too I think!

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