Disney – Two Under Two – Is it Worth it?

By now you must have figured it out that Hubby and I love traveling! We are hoping to pass this passion to our twins as well! Hubby recently planned a trip to Disney World with Twins when they were seven months old. I am a die heart Disney fan and so was super pumped to go make this trip happen!

After the initial excitement, feelings of the nervousness I feel, every time I travel with twins started to kick in. Questions such as, how will I prevent the twins from having a meltdown at Disney or how I would go about pumping at Disney and store milk? How will we do rides with twins? How will we go with the stroller and pumping bag and so forth? While all these questions were in my head I tried to have a positive outlook on our trip. When we told our friends and family they put more of a scare in me. The first thing we heard was OMG! You are taking the twins at such a young age. What will they remember? What is the point?

When I heard what is the point and will they remember that’s when my anger kicked in and I began to question why I was getting bummed out and scared about the trip instead of being super excited.  I began to think that although we were taking the kids to Disney at such a young age where they were unlikely to remember anything and would most likely have a meltdown, it would still be a great opportunity for our babies to learn to interact with crowds of diverse people and interact in activities where they would have fun, albeit fun that they would forget a few seconds later. It was also an opportunity for us as parents to take memorable pictures with our children and at least for us the memories tantrum or not would last a lifetime.

I started packing for this trip with the belief that my kids will hate and have multiple meltdowns but that it would still be ok and lots of fun! Luckily hubby booked us on Disney property at the Swan hotel and I thought if the kids had a specially bad tantrum we could enjoy the Disney property and all it had to offer.  A day before we left a very good friend of mine, a great photographer and a Disney maniac gave me the best boost of confidence a traveling mom can ever receive. She tells me Amna if anyone can make a person enjoy Disney its you! You will make yours kids love Disney! And it will be a fabulous trip! With that mantra I boarded my flight and went on my two day trip to Disney with Hubby and the twins.

IT WAS MOST DEFINITELY 110% PERCENT WORTH IT! We did not get to go on all the rides. We did not get to see everything. But seeing the joy on my twins when they met Mickey and Minnie it was worth everything! Seeing the joy on their faces when they saw fireworks for the first time, their first roller coaster with us. It was all worth it. Mikaal and Musa might not remember this trip but I will! Also, I have about a million pictures of them at Disney to show them when they are older to prove to them that I have taken them to Disney even if they do not remember!

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