Exploring Disney with Twins

Our plan was to be in Orlando for four days with 2 full days dedicated to Disney. Hubby decided it was best to buy the park hopper pass for our two-day trip as according to him this way we could go to any park we wanted and based on the moods of the babies could go back and forth from the hotel and the parks at various times. I thought that was a bit on the expensive side and not worth it with twins initially. However, once we started to visit the different parks, I realized that this was the smartest decision of our trip, as our hotel was literally walking distance from Epcot and a boat ride to Hollywood studios, so depending on our mood for food or activities we could go to any park we wanted. 

On Day 1, we saw that those who were staying on Disney property got an extra magical hour at the Magic Kingdom so we did Magic Kingdom on the morning of Day 1 and on the second day it we started at Animal Kingdom due to its early morning hours. As the park for hotel guests opened at 8 am I wanted us to be in the bus by 7:30 am and at the park by 8 am. This meant that we had to wake up at 6 quickly get dressed have breakfast and leave and since my hubby is not a morning person he was so not happy about waking up early.

We arrive at Magic Kingdom by 8 am. There are quite a few rides at Magic Kingdm you can go on with infants. We went on it’s a Small World, Mad Tea Party, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Under the Sea. Now that I list all the rides we went on it seems like we went on quite a few rides at Disney with the twins. Once we were done with these rides it was 11 am and twins were getting sleepy and hungry so we went to the hotel to grab lunch and nap time!

Enjoying spinning away on the famous Disney Tea Cups! My all time favorite ride and twins too I think!

Post-nap we decided to go check out Epcot. I got us fast passes to get pictures with Mickey and Minnie. We got onto the ferry and sailed to Epcot from Swan Hotel. We roamed around Epcot just walked did a few rides. We went on The Seas with Nemo & Friends and Spaceship Earth. Both were nice slow rides with the babies. They loved the Nemo ride. After the rides, it was time to take pictures with Mickey and Minnie! The boys were in total awe when they saw Mickey and Minnie! They could not believe their tiny stuffed toys are now human size and alive! The characters were very friendly and understanding when my twins tried to eat them! After meeting with Mickey and Minnie we all were exhausted and it was time to go back to the hotel for dinner and call it a night! While trying to get back to the hotel we ran into Sleeping beauty. She had no line literally so we decided to drop by to say hi and take a picture. Mikaal was totally in love with Sleeping Beauty and Musa slept through the visit!

Day 2 we go to the Animal Kingdom. The first thing we did was on go on the Navi River Journey ride at Avatar. Very nicely done. After that, we went to the safari and then walked around and left around 10. Hubby had gotten me a lovely spa so had to go for that. While I was at the spa the boys chilled at the hotel. Post my spa appointment we went to Hollywood studios via the ferry for an hour to walk around and check out the new Toy Story area. When we saw how crowded Toy Story was we just went back to the hotel.

Reading our itinerary we sure did accomplish quite a bit at Disney with 7-month-old twins! We did not see all of Disney in two days that is simply not possible especially with infants but we accomplished alot. We picked main high lights stayed to the twin’s schedule and tried to do as much as we could. I am so happy hubby got the park hopper pass and we stayed on Disney property. It is nice that when babies get tired one can just go to the hotel to recharge their batteries and then go out again. I am still exhausted from this trip. At the moment I am recharging my batteries to get ready for our next big adventure!

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