What to take to a Disney Park

It has been a while since my last blog post. This is my last Disney blog post till the next Disney trip! I wanted to share what we took with us to the parks to survive Disney mania with the twins.  On our first day at Disney Park, I was prepared for any situation life throws at me. We took our Bjorn baby carriers, the double stroller, infant car seats, diaper bag, lunch box and of course the pumping bag! At the end of the day, Hubby and I were physically exhausted. It was not due to the walking it was due to constantly folding and unfolding the stroller and lugging all this stuff around.

We then started thinking about and discussing what we can do differently. First thing first the twins never sat in the stroller they were constantly in the baby carriers for their sightseeing and their naps. The stroller we decided had to stay back in the hotel. So that is one thing less!

Napping in Disney!

Then I realized that I only pumped once at the park and began to question why I was taking my pumping bag for just a session. I decided to time our going and coming to parks in such a way that I would power pump at the hotel and enjoy the parks with my babies! So I left the pumping bag at the hotel. It felt like such freedom to stroll around Disney with the twins and enjoy without the stress of pumping.

After getting rid of the stroller and my pumping bag all that was left with the diaper bag. I tried to have the diaper bag just hold the essentials: milk, diapers, wipes that’s it! If I was missing anything I could buy it at the park. Yes, it is pricey but on vacation its ok sometimes! Luckily the essentials I packed were minimal and came in handy and it was not needed to buy anything. They were charging Four dollars for 14 wipes at the baby center! Yikes!!!

I learned that the less stuff you walk around with the more fun and relaxed it is. I wish I had researched a little bit more and planned so that first day I did not lug around an entire suitcase it felt like. We learn through trial and error. That is what my life with the twins has taught me. Learn from things that don’t work and fix it the next time so you enjoy! No regrets!

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