Rainbows …

Today is National Rainbow Baby day. Today is the day to talk about my Rainbow babies! Eid-ul-Adha recently just passed. Before every family reunion, Zehra (my sister in law) and I discuss what activities and what photoshoots we will do with the babies. Not sure about my brother in law but Mustafa rolls his eyes every time I tell him about our photoshoot plans.

Zehra also is a mom blogger and a fabulous yogi (https://zehrakhawaja.com/). Recently shebought all 3 babies these fabulous rainbow night suits from primary.com. Shesuggested let’s get all the babies in their pjs and take their pictures. Itotally agreed as soon as she mentioned this idea. It sounded cute and simple andfun.

For both Zehra and me our babies are our rainbow babies.That is a whole different blog post for another day.  But I will say I am a survivor of infertilityand conceived with the help of IVF. So, seeing them in these rainbow pjs was avery emotional and sweet moment for me. Also, it was a lot of fun seeing thecousins interacting with each other. Lyla loves her twins’ cousins and theyadore her back. Now that my twins are more interactive it is so sweet and funto see the cousins play.

Lyla loves hugging and kissing her cousins they might not always enjoy it as seen in some of the images below. Most of them are taken by Zehra. I was in charge of making sure the babies smile and don’t fall. Till the next cousin’s reunion lets see what crazy fun plans Zehra and I come up with!

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