How I Do Grocery Shopping with Twins!

I have my In-Laws coming for a week and an upcoming dinner party to host of about 15 people. With over night guests and a hosting of dinner party the first thing to do as a good host is prepare food! In order to prepare food, one must go and do grocery shopping. With 10-month-old twins it is a bit of a challenge grocery shopping. Usually when we have a big grocery list I like to go either alone or have the husband tag along with me and the twins. This time dear hubby was busy with work traveling till the day our family came. Which meant I had to go grocery shopping alone with twins. A task which I am looking forward to.

The first thing I do is make my menus for each day we have in-laws over and the dinner party. After I make my menus that’s when I see what I already have in my kitchen and then start writing my grocery list according to each different store. After making my list I noted that I had to go to 5 different stores! Jounie the butcher, Asia grocers for my Pakistani groceries, Trader Joes, Costco and Meijer. Hubby made life easy by getting the groceries from Meijer delivered to the house through Shipt. I was then left with 4 stores to go alone with the twins.

I planned like an army general on how to tackle grocery shopping. I split it up in two rounds. On Thursday morning I went to get Jounie and Asia Grocers done first. The reason for this is that they are next to each other and close by to my eyebrows place. I went to get my eyebrows done first and then groceries. All this was done during the twin’s first nap. We came home ate lunch played around while I put away the groceries. Post lunch I gave the twins a bath and second nap of the day. After their nap we first went to Trader Joes. As you see in the picture below the twins enjoyed shopping at Trader Joes with a cart full of groceries! The people at Trader Joes are super helpful! They helped me load my groceries in the car and took the cart away as well.

After Trader Joes we went to Costco. At Costco Musa held my pen and Mikaal held my notebook with my grocery list in it. Post shopping at Costco as I was loading the car. A lady came up to me and asked me how do you do it with twins. I had to think about it. I replied honestly, I don’t think about it I do it! Nike’s logo- Just Do It! Super true! When I start thinking of tasks ahead, I get scared and don’t leave the house. But if I have a rough plan, I just put the twins in the car and go as long as I have a diaper bag packed and their food with me. Key with twins is to be ready mentally that it will be physically challenging and hard at times. However, one must leave the house get out and do it! They make it a lot of fun as well mundane tasks like grocery shopping! I can not wait for our next grocery shopping adventure!

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