Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! Being a mom to twin boys for a little over a year now I just realized how out of touch with the world I am. Today January 1st, 2020 not only is it the start of the new year but also the start to a new decade as well! It just sorts of hit me. I have been extremely MIA from social media and blogging for a while. The last few months of 2019 just got extremely busy and I decided it best to spend it with good quality time with my family and give it all my attention.

I am back! Want to share a few updates of why I have been so MIA and busy. Right after Labor Day weekend I found out I was pregnant with my third baby. Never thought I would ever be able to have a baby without medical help. This baby truly is a miracle baby for us! I am now halfway done with this pregnancy. Still in shock that I will soon be a mom to three babies and will have three under the age of two. YIKES! That will be interesting. The moment we found out we were expecting baby number 3 hubby and I went on a house hunt. We need a bigger place before this one comes out. We were lucky to find one right away. Now we are hoping to move before this one arrives! As you see past few months have been extremely busy with news and lots happening.

Me with my growing family 🙂 Love my babies!

Yesterday was December 31st, New Years Eve what did you all do to celebrate New Year’s? New Years has always been one of my favorite nights with the hope of what the new year is to bring. Each year before kids I would celebrate with friends and family in style. This year I wanted to introduce my love for New Years to the twins as they are a little older now. A lot of my plans got cancelled last minute and made again and cancelled again. But that is life with babies! We decided to take the twins to this new play area called Funrageous in Livonia for a noon NYE countdown. We ended up there for three hours watching our twins play. Mikaal found a vacuum cleaner and that’s all he wanted to play with. Musa decided to play with everything. He is my little social animal! After this we ended at a friend’s house for a last-minute pizza party play date. Our NYE ended up at 10 pm when we got home put the kids to sleep and with me and hubby watching the ball drop at midnight.

With this new year new decade and new years everyone makes New Years Resolutions. I like to make myself promises for the new year which I hope to keep! This year is no exception. The first promise this year to me is to do more selfcare. Take out a few minutes a day each day for myself and my health. The second promise I am making to myself this year is to be more playful with the twins and more active especially with this third one here. I am hoping to give the best I can to all three of my babies this year. The last promise is to blog more and not go MIA for months at a time as I just did. I hope I can achieve all these promises and more this year. Hope everyone has a blessed year filled with much adventures, laughter and love.

2 thoughts

  1. Mashallah!!! Nothing can be better than this celebrating New Year eve with your twins(Mashallah)
    Adorable and memorable.


    1. January 1, 2020 at 2:48 pm
      Mashallah!!! Nothing can be better than this celebrating New Year eve with your twins(Mashallah)
      Adorable and memorable.


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