M&M Twins Turn 1!

On October 26th, 2019 the M&M twins turned 1! OMG! I cannot believe I have been a mom for a full year and that I kept two babies alive for a full year and hopefully many more to come. I am unable to even keep an Orchid alive for more than a week! How did this happen? I never wanted to have a big birthday party for the twins. I wanted to go on a fancy vacation with them and chill. Their dad/my dear hubby from day one said no we are going to celebrate and have a party! Every time he said this, I would warn him that if we have a party, I will go all out. We did end up having a pretty great birthday party for the twins with our close friend and family.

Early morning breakfast at First Watch on their birthday for Birthday party mania started!

The theme of the twins first birthday what will it be? My football fanatic husband saw that the twin’s birthday fell on the day of Michigan vs. Notre Dame football game and decided we will have a tail gate. This game was our first date together about 8 years ago and the first game we saw together in the Big House as a married couple. This game is special to us. October turns out is a cold month in Michigan and tailgating was no longer an option. Since tailgating was out, I came up with Superheroes theme. For me my twins are my Superheroes. Against all odds they arrived in this world alive healthy and kicking and made it to a year.

Life with twins is extremely busy and chaotic most of the time, hence I started planning for their first birthday over the summer. We decided to have it at the Sheraton where we got a great deal and halal food catered from them. Since this was a children’s birthday party with a lot of toddlers running around, I wanted handheld and children friendly menu. For our menu we kept it burgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese and pizza. The menu was a success! The food was extremely YUM!  Dessert I ordered from our local bakery Maria’s. The made these fabulous cakes, cookies to go with the theme and pastries. The cake toppers were personalized and made by a very good friend of mine (flowersbydesign).

Every décor at the party was made by me the photo wall the center pieces. I had been collecting all our amazon boxes and wrapped them up in fun wrapping paper. Then cut out it seems like a million black squares as windows. Then glued it on so it would give the impression of buildings. Thank you, Pinterest, for the idea! Dear hubby always gets worried when I start pintresting for our parties. I guess now I see why. We thought that good food and good company is all we need to have a successful party. A week before the party when we saw that we will have 15 kids that is when we realized we need some sort of entertainment for them. At the last minute we found a great balloon artist and face painter (ArtsBaloonsGR). This was a huge success with both kids and the adults (as in me).

From day one we assumed this will be a small intimate birthday party. It ended up being 40 adults and 15 kids of all ages. A lot of people who we thought will be cancellations ended up showing up to celebrate this milestone with us. We are truly blessed with our supporting and loving family who all showed up. Twins will not remember their first birthday at all. Hubby and I will always remember that we celebrated their first birthdays with a lot of love and laughter. Also have the following pictures to prove that we did have this party for them!

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