Twins meet Mir for the first time!

Through out my pregnancy one thought constantly ran through my mind, How will the twins react to their baby brother? Will they be jealous of the new addition to the family and act out? Will they live in their own baby world and ignore Mir? Will they be the sweetest and cutest big brothers out there? I had a million different scenarios run through my mind imagining how they will be. I think the reason of this was because of the twin’s reactions every time I held my friend’s baby. Mikaal would cry and cry every time I held a newborn. He would come into my lap and continue crying till I gave the baby back to her mom or someone. Musa would just ignore and then once baby was gone would come and sit in my lap. After I gave up the baby, I would have both twins in my lap refusing to move. Making sure the baby did not take their mama away. This caused me a lot of anxiety about life with twins when I came home with Mir.

I entered the house on April 10th at 3 pm with Mir filled with multiple emotions and feelings. I was grateful to be home with a healthy baby. I was scared, excited to see my first two babies. I was also curious to see their reaction. Both Mikaal and Musa had the biggest smiles on their faces when they saw me. It melted my heart. Musa went straight for his papa and Mikaal came running to me. Mikaal was not too interested in Mir. I could tell he was worried I would go away and would not leave me alone. Musa from his papa went for the infant car seat and then realized mama was home with something new. He was super excited to see Mir. He was so excited to the point that he would not let anyone near Mir. Only Musa and mama could hold Mir. It was very endearing


I remember in my third trimester, when my bump was very noticeable, I would play a game with the twins. I would ask them where the baby is and point to my tummy. It came to the point that Musa and Mikaal would lift my shirt and hug it while watching cocomelon on tv. I remember a doctor appointment I went to with the twins. Musa started a tantrum the second the doctor started my ultrasound. Post ultrasound he came into my lap lifted my shirt gave it a big kiss and tried to shove his cookie into my belly as if feeding the baby. My doctor after seeing this scene unfold said I will be ok with all three babies at home.

All my three boys touchwood so far get along. A reason for this I believe is that twins are on a very routine oriented schedule. I always put their needs first unless its Mir’s feeding time. I also let them play freely and when ever they want with Mir under my supervision. I am constantly telling them to be gentle as they get over excited at times. The sweetest part of my day is when witnessing twins rush to Mir the second they wake up to say hi and play with him before they even say hi to me their mama. Twins have adjusted well to their baby brother. This is a fact that I am extremely happy and grateful for. I am sure in future all three boys will fight the way siblings do. For now I am enjoying them getting along and playing well.

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