How I Captured Mir’s Newborn Pictures …

I am sure by now you must have noticed I am all about photography and taking pictures. For me it is all about capturing the moment. To look at in future and remember the crazy and the fun life we live! During my first pregnancy I got lucky and blessed to find the best photographer ever! I hired Sharon Hoeg a local Northville photographer to take pictures of me and Mustafa for our first pregnancy announcement. I met her at the local park and knew she is the one I want capturing me with my family craziness. Sharon also has become a great mom friend to me when the mom life really gets to me! She helped me capture all our family moments in the first year of the twin’s life.

When I got pregnant with Mir, I knew I had to have Sharon for my maternity shoot. We started brainstorming about our second maternity shoot along with the first year shoots we would do of the new baby. For our maternity shoot we started of with a plan of a lifestyle shoot something super relaxed and chill. Then a few weeks before the shoot Sharon texted me how would you feel about a green house location. I said YES! In a heartbeat! I knew that this was something magical Sharon had thought of. It was a magical shoot! Mustafa, the twins also had fun with this shoot. Sharon made me feel like a princess and made me look like one too. See below the pictures!

As you see from the above pictures Sharon and I were planning something extremely epic for Mir’s newborn pictures and milestones. I was extremely heartbroken when we had to cancel everything, we had planned due to the shelter in place orders thanks to Corona. I think Sharon was also equally if not more disappointed by this.  However, she told me to look at this as an opportunity to learn a new skill and practice my photography skills. This inspired me! Also, she offered to be available via the phone to help me! I remember Sharon facetimed me before I delivered to walk through my house and gave me specific instructions where to place the baby what blinds to open and close to have the perfect lighting.

With this inspiration I went crazy on amazon and Custom Props looking for props and posing pillows for Mir. After those were ordered I went on a YouTube to binge watch on how to photograph a newborn and how to post them. After that I went on Pinterest to see what poses and shots, I want to make sure I captured.  I then made a game plan. I broke this newborn photoshoot over two to three days. On day one I focused on just Mir. I took his cute newborn pictures. Take a glimpse of some of my best shots! I think for someone taking pictures for the first time of a newborn they are decent!

Day two I focused on Mir pictures with the family. I took family pictures of all 5 of us in the morning while the twins were willing to participate before cranky time. While the twins napped, I snapped some pictures of Mir with both his papa and me. Post twin’s nap we did a bunch of family pictures. From start of planning these pictures to taking them to editing them took me a week to 10 days. It was a fun project! The twins enjoyed messing up all my settings and participating in them too. I let them have their fun weather it was playing with their brother or being on the tablets. It was extremely stressful and tiring as well. So worth it! I appreciate Sharon helping me walk through these pictures and giving me the support that I could take them. I do miss working with her and cannot wait for formal family portraits to be taken again by Sharon Hoeg.

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