Starting Solids …

When I found out I was pregnant with twins I was looking forward t o the day when I could feed them solids. I wanted to feed them pizza, burgers, watermelon, peaches and most importantly ice cream! I learned that I cannot start them on solids till they are officially 4 months old. Even then I can give them only pureed fruits, vegetables and maybe oatmeal. What a bummer! I was dreaming about sharing ice cream with them and them enjoying the same foods I do.

Well around 3 months I noticed both twins especially Musa started looking very intently at the food I would eat in front of them (the rare moments I got to eat). I had cooked qeema (ground chicken cooked with Pakistani spices) and he kept looking at me so I decided to give him a lick of it. Musa loved it at first lick and Mikaal was like this is not milk why would you give this to me!

Fast forward two weeks they are finally 4 months old got the green light from the doctor I made them oatmeal mixed with breast milk. It looked disgusting but that’s what you feed babies. I was all set made the twins sit in their bumboo chairs. Musa had a Batman bib and Mikaal a Superman bib on. I was ready for this adventure to start.

I had expectations both kids will love eating and this would be fun. Boy! Was I wrong! Both twins did not like oatmeal at all on their first try and made a big mess. There was oatmeal all over them, the chairs the bibs my floor and in my hair. I was so disappointed. But as per doctor orders I gave them oatmeal for the next 3 days to see how it goes. It would take me 45 minutes to feed them 1 tablespoon. It was a challenge.

But during the 5th day I noticed feeding was done in 15 minutes and they actually enjoyed it. That’s when the light bulb went on! These are babies they have never had anything other than milk. This is the first time in their lives they eating something so it takes time to savor these new senses.

Now we enjoy when its time to eat lunch/dinner.  So far they have loved oatmeal, pears, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas and carrots. They have hated everything green. The only downside now is that every meal I got to figure out what to cook for these guys.

Till our next adventure!

Mikaal (my superman) and Musa (my batman) awaiting to eat Oatmeal for the first time!