About Me

Mom confession Time! I have no clue at all what I am doing most of the time! Hi! My name is Amna and I am a mom to three boys under the age of 2. I have twin boys who are 18 months old Mikaal and Musa. I also have a now 4-month-old baby more Mir. On top of that my husband is a consultant and out of town Mondays to Thursdays. Safe to say my life is a HOT MESS most of the time. I try to keep it together as much as I and keep my sanity ALIVE!

I always see my mom friends and mom bloggers and how their lives are so together. They will have the nice clean house; they do fun educational activities with their kids and always look so put together! Here me on the other hand I am struggling to clean the house. As soon as I clean the twins come running making it a mess. More than half the time my kids are running around in a diaper, so I do not have to run another load of laundry. We believe in screen time and simple daal chawal type of meals.

I am sure I am not the only mom out there in the universe who feels at a loss with this whole motherhood thing. At least I hope I am not. I will not lie! More than half the time I am totally winging it parenting and keeping up my house and my life. Here I will share my tips that I follow that have helped me keep my children alive and healthy. Also, they have helped me keep my sanity a little bit! So come join me while I share my adventures of totally winging it at motherhood.