A Mother’s attempt at Self Care …

Hi! I am a first time mom to twin boys. The hardest thing about motherhood is having a balance in being the best mom possible to my little boys and still keeping my own identity as well. Before becoming a mom I used to go get my eyebrows done weekly, monthly facials and massages.  Man I miss my massages the most! Since giving birth it’s a great day if I brush my hair.

I totally get babies keep us busy, with lack of sleep trying to figure out their schedules, sleep regression there is barely anytime for us moms to sleep, eat let alone self care. But after 6 months of this great journey of motherhood I felt its time for making some time for me and the boys have to go along with it!

We have a major trip coming up (details to follow in our travel update soon). I needed to get my brows done! I was home alone with the twins so decided to go to the salon with them I had it timed with their nap time.  Usually I leave the twins with my husband and get these things done. This week I had to go on my own with them as he was away for work. When I go to the salon I decided to get a face mask and a oil massage thinking twins still sleeping this is great!!!

Well I got my brows done as soon as my face mask is about to be applied Musa woke up! I was like NOOO I got to go home now. The lady goes to me he is not crying we will continue. I wanted to hug and kiss her as I really needed this. So we continued. Musa continued to play with his car seat toys while mama got her face mask. Face mask done! Time to get my hair oil massaged! That’s when my second baby Mikaal decides to wake up! Mikaal recently has been needy so half way through the massage he started crying and at that point I was like no! This is ME TIME. So I let Musa play with his toys I pick up Mikaal cuddle him while the lady massaged my head. And let me tell you it felt GREAT! I felt like a new woman at the end of my mask and massage! Even though I had to hold one baby and both required some sort of my attention it felt amazing!

We moms definitely need to make more time for us!  A small thing as a head massage and mask that legit took me 15 minutues made me feel rejuvenated and I was much better and handling babies’ tanturms and energy to keep up with them!

Over all i would say this first attempt at Self Care while tagging my boys along with me was a success! Alot of it was thanks to the ladies at the Salon who kept coming to speak and play with them so I could get my work done!

I cant wait to try this again soon! Hopefully the boys behave next time too. So all you moms out there make that time for you! Even if its 5 minutes! it makes a big difference trust me on that!

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