Twins’ First Eid

Eid-ul-Fitr this year was on Tuesday June 4th. Every year I spend the weekend of Eid-ul-Fitr in New Jersey with my parents. My parents host a big dinner for this Eid. This year this Eid was more special than before as this was our first Eid with the Khawaja twins. Mustafa was adamant that the twins first Eid must be home in Michigan. It worked out well. We spent most of Eid day in Michigan and in the evening on Eid flew to New Jersey for the week to be there for my parent’s Eid dinner. This meant we celebrated Eid in two different states. Let me tell you it was hectic and tiring but so oodles of fun!

The night before Eid is Chaand Raat. I went out with my friends. All the moms went out we left the babies with their dads. The moms got the mehendi done and some Eid shopping. When I came back home it was midnight. The first thing I did after changing into my pjs was iron everyone’s shalwar kameez. When I started ironing the twin’s kurtas, I had a moment. I never thought the day would be here when I would be ironing kurtas for my own babies for Eid.

Come Eid morning we all were exhausted and skipped Eid Namaz. Very bad of us I know! We were originally hosting a Eid breakfast post namaz but since namaz got skipped we hosted an Eid lunch. I cooked sevaiyan a traditional dessert made with milk, sugar, pistachios, almonds and vermicelli noodles, parathas, Lahori fish and koftas. During lunch I also had our favorite photographer Sharon come and take some pictures so I could be in some pictures as well. I took the following pictures of my boys in kurtas for the first time. The boys are wearing a pure bosky (special material from Pakistan) that my mom got made following the tradition of her mom.

Post lunch I changed the boys in the outfit below and then took them out for frozen custard. It was their first Eid so yes babies got some ice cream. Post ice cream we came home packed quickly headed to the airport. We reached New Jersey around 10 pm. I got to see my mom on Eid for the first time in 7 years! But my mom was more excited to see the twins than me on Eid day. That’s grandparents for you!

The following Saturday my parents hosted their annual Eid dinner. A lot of my family came and met the boys for the first time. It was so nice to be able to spend the twin’s first Eid with both sides of the family in two different states. It was hectic, tiring, exhausting but a lot of fun!

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