As per the title of this blog you can tell, I have a question to ask my readers. How do moms do it? I am in awe of all the blogger moms especially those moms of twins and multiples. How do you make the time to raise your kids, clean the house, cook and blog and look fabulous in these social media posts? How do you make the time to write edit and post blogs/pictures on social media? I understand that we all are guilty of putting our best face out there on social media. I am still unable to do it or be able to time manage.

My twins are now almost 10 months old. I can hear my own mom saying to me Amna by now you should have it figured out. I still am figuring it our as each day goes sometimes by the hour. Between feeding the twins, playing with them, bath time, pumping, cooking and so forth I make 30 minutes in the morning to workout to try to lose this baby weight! No, I have not figured it out. 90 percent of the time I am lounging in my pajamas trying to keep up with my twins and the house and my workouts. Barely make the time to brush my hair let alone write, edit blog posts.

My day starts around 6 am. The twins enjoy their feed while I pump. We go and play for a bit in the living room and then I go workout while they play around me. Musa has started climbing on my legs while I workout to give me a bit more resistance. We then have breakfast around 9 am and have a nap from 10 am to 11 am. After that we sometimes run our errands or chill at the house. Lunch is at noon, then bath time and we have our second nap around 2 to 4 pm. Yes, I nap with the twins! That is the only way I keep my energy levels up for them. Before getting pregnant I used to nap only when I was sick. After the second nap we usually go for a walk come back dinner and bed between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm. During all this I also pump every two hours to keep up with their milk demands. By the time the twins sleep for the night I inhale my dinner and pump and sleep. This is a very rough schedule we have in between there is always laundry to do, trash to throw out and of course the cooking as well. Just wanted to write and let everyone know I am here the Khawaja twins are still alive and healthy. Lots of updates headed your way soon. So Please keep reading. There are plenty of posts coming soon. Twins slept a little early today, so I am writing away tonight for as long as the sleeping twins allow!

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  1. Love this post! I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and the only way I can get stuff done is wake up 2 hours before they do so I can get myself ready and start blog posts off. During naptime and quiet time is when I usually plan the next few posts and finish off the blog post I started in the morning. Once the kids are in bed, I’ll finish one or two blog posts and head off to sleep. I’m also a coffee drinker and it’s helped tremendously. I guess just having your own routine down will help, but having kids will always have your schedule changing. I always say to enjoy your babies because blogs, social media, etc… will be around, but your kids will never be this little.


  2. i have a toddler that turned one in january and then I am due in May 2020 with my second baby. there is so much to do everyday, cooking, cleaning, laundry, baby feeding, naps, play time, shopping and working out, doctor appointments, etc – 24 hours is simply not enough time, but we actually got it all together! (we really do)** Sounds crazy but it is true… we set up daily routines based around our babies needs and nap time. I found some ways to help with some stress and save some time during my day…like online grocery shopping 😍, I order all my weekly groceries online from my local grocery store and have it delivered to my home! I also use amazon prime, next day delivery service, and a slow cooker…. i make most meals using this awesome cooking machinery…best 30 dollars I have ever spent! My washer, dryer and dishwashers are action heros in my home… and all my other house chores, my blog, etsy store, and youtube channel, I try to squeeze all that in during baby nap times and after she goes to bed at night….and then on every friday evenings, after the baby goes to be, I treat my self to a little break. things will calm down as the twins get older! hang in there momma, youre doing a good job!


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